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So I'm using the standard weather app that came with the phone! The widget on the home screen, don't update unless i enter it and swipe down!

You rely on the Weather app to get real-time updates regarding temperature and accurate forecasts.

Unfortunately, something goes wrong and your Apple Watch is no longer updating the weather app.

Don’t let the confusion go on any further and fix the weather app to get into action by trying out some of the tried and tested solutions. Enter your i Phone or Apple Watch passcode if prompted. This is a nuclear solution that can get rid of even stubborn issues from your watch.

To offer you a bit of background, your watch can show the weather information of up to 20 cities on Apple Watch. watch OS lets you unpair your wearable device from the i Phone and repair it with ease.

In case it’s already using the data, disallow it and then restart both your watch and smartphone. Now, check out the weather app it would be alive and kick. Open Settings app on your paired i Phone → Tap on Privacy. But if the issue still persists, move to the next solution. You might want to catch up with these posts as well: Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of i Geeks who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around Apple products.

The app needs to have access to your location to show localized weather info. I would recommend you to select Always so that the app has unrestricted access to your location. Are your i Phone and Apple Watch updated to the latest version? I suspect the outdated version of the OS might be spoiling your party. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media.

What are the best 2014's free software to walkaround this? If you want 100% uptime (unless your internet connection goes bad) Active Sky Next is the best weather engine you can buy and more than worth the price if you care about the weather. It seems working fine, by the way I have a couple of questions as I wasn't able to fine a good tutorial online.

UPDATED 2: more granular lux calculation based on time of day and weather condition code. I'd like to see the driver do that on it's own but if that's not how it was intended to work I guess this will do in a pinch. Mike My weather is updating but not as often as I wanted.

UPDATED: from weather underground to apixu weather aboveground. I used the PERIODIC trigger to update every five minutes.

I'm not at home so can't screenshot my rule, but I'll post it when I get home later. Sure the data isn't refreshed that often, but calling every few minutes is well within the limits and ensures that once the data is updated, we get it in HE fairly quickly.

I don't see any issues with refreshing every 5 minutes.

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