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It has the potential to send us back into the emotional state of a terrified child, who needed our parent for survival.

As hard as it may feel to connect our contemporary reactions with beliefs, attitudes, and experiences from our early lives, it is an invaluable tool for getting to know ourselves, and ultimately, for challenging behaviors that don’t serve us or even fit with our real, adult life. How to Deal With Relationship Insecurity In order to challenge our insecurity, we have to first get to know our critical inner voice. He’ll never be attracted to you.” Other times, it’ll be more sneaky, even soothing sounding, “Just keep to yourself.

Knowing our attachment style is beneficial, because it can help us to realize ways we may be recreating a dynamic from our past.

As we start to challenge these negative attitudes toward ourselves, we must also make an effort to take actions that go against the directives of our critical inner voice.

In terms of a relationship, that means not acting out based on unwarranted insecurities or acting in ways we don’t respect.

Our early pattern can shape our adult relationships, a subject I address in more detail in the blog “How Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationship.” Our style of attachment influences which partners we choose and the dynamics that play out in our relationships.

A secure attachment pattern helps a person to be more confident and self-possessed.

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This inner critic tends to be very vocal about the things that really matter to us, like our relationships. First, the critical inner voice fueled doubts about his girlfriend’s interest in him, then it turned on him.

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