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A stand-alone Wi-Fi camera can provide some peace of mind, let you track household activity while you’re away, and alert you when there’s an actual break-in—and possibly help end it sooner and catch the perpetrator.

Most of the cameras we tested require an AC outlet, so placement is definitely a factor.

Wi-Fi cameras aren’t just for capturing a thief in the act, though. Placed on shelves, tables, and countertops, they allow you to keep an eye on what your pets are doing, know when the kids come home from school, or discover who’s been hitting the liquor cabinet.

Most even allow you to communicate with whoever is on-camera as the action is happening, via an embedded microphone and speaker.

In our testing, we paid particular attention to recording quality and length, frequency of alerts, the app interface, geofencing, and smart-home integration.

After testing, we sent each of our top picks, as well as the Wyze Cam v2, to Bill Mc Kinley, head of information security at The New York Times (Wirecutter’s parent company), for hack testing.

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Indoor cameras are great for keeping an eye on your kids and pets, but if you’re concerned about security, you don’t want to risk missing a second of the action.

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