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Often, a carrier will send a broadcast SMS text message to all subscribers (or those using a particular model of phone) asking them to dial a service number to receive a software update. Option 1 updates phone configuration, option 2 updates the PRL.Similarly Voitel Wireless and Straight Talk, which both use Verizon network, use *22890 service code to program Verizon based wireless phones.Firmware updates are available for download from the OTA service.

It allows an access point (AP) to discover the IP address of its controller.As mobile phones accumulate new applications and become more advanced, OTA configuration has become increasingly important as new updates and services come on stream.OTA via SMS optimizes the configuration data updates in SIM cards and handsets and enables the distribution of new software updates to mobile phones or provisioning handsets with the necessary settings with which to access services such as WAP or MMS.To provision parameters in a mobile device OTA, the device needs to have a provisioning client capable of receiving, processing and setting the parameters.For example, a Device Management client in a device may be capable of receiving and provisioning applications, or connectivity parameters.

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