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When I ask if signing with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) means she’ll end up starring in the inevitable 40 Days of Dating movie, she’s quick to dismiss the idea.

“I don’t want to be an actor.”Tim, who began his career designing book jackets at Simon & Schuster and now runs his own design studio, seems less bothered by the notoriety they’ve received. We put our life into our work.”Putting your life into your work can get messy.

We wholeheartedly endorse Jacob for those who want to do things differently when it comes to design.The project consists of only six rules (journal about it each day, see a couples’ therapist once a week, etc.) and so far, 36 posts. Before the big reveal, I decided to test the bounds of their post-experiment lives. I know too much about them before we even sit down.The last four days of the experiment, which they conducted in March and April, will be released September 3 to September 6. I know that Tim thinks the word “panties” is fantastic, loves cheese puffs, and feels alive when he’s listening to jazz.“I wasn’t convinced we should even publish this,” says Jessica as the dinner begins.The 26-year old, already somewhat known for posing nude next to her business partner, Stefan Sagmeister, is soft-spoken but friendly.

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