Forecastfox radar not updating

Perhaps contact your ISP to see if they can run the radar loops, and whether they see a problem or not.

Look at the time-stamp line at the bottom of the radar images.

(Although not recommended, briefly disabling the Firewall and reloading the pages may prove that the firewall is the cause of the problem.) If your security product is the CA Personal Firewall then please refer to "Pictures do not load on websites since installing CA Personal Firewall" on the Computer Associates website.

At the present time we are limited to using URL rewriting as a means of passing selected map features between radars.

When loops are running normally, there should be no further downloading from the internet - the images should all be in the PC cache storage.

If your PC seems to be continually downloading new images, or the loop shows partial or blank images, or the hour-glass is flashing, then your web browser cache settings may be wrong, and the browser is accidently rechecking the internet every time around the loop. Occasionally radar machines lose track of the correct time of day, and send in images with bad dates like year 1990 or year 2010 etc.

However, when there is no 'Automatic' setting, it is OK to choose Every-visit or Every-time or equivalent.If there was no rain showing on the above radars, remember to look at the bottom of the images to see the timestamp increasing by 10 minutes at a time.If the above loops do not work for you, please use the FEEDBACK link to report the fault and to describe what shows on your web page instead of the working loops.We try to reset radars to the correct dates and times as soon as we can, but some bad date/time stamped images may be displayed for a little while.This issue has been known to occour in Firefox after a browser update. The selection of layers affects all the radar pages.

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