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Collaboration of key players is critical to create healthy and sustainable urban environments where young people can Aji Progress in equitable tech for health!Read more in @Lancet Child Adol on the need to disrupt power structures to achieve #Health For RP Road traffic injuries are the 8th largest killer globally, disproportionately affecting young people between the ages of 5 - 29."There's no two ways about it: sharing decision-making power at the highest levels across all stakeholders in health systems is paramount" Read @Germann Stefan et al.on committing to the engagement of young people to invest in their health ✊ 📰 U ERt59Jw #DYK High cost of care and lack of representation in policy-making processes were listed as some of the biggest health concerns for young people.

Great to see @UNICEF collaborate with African citizens, including young people from across the African region, to create a Youth Advocacy Guide to empower young people with the skills to bring positive change to their communities ✊ @voicesofyouth We are proud to support innovative projects across the globe that are positively impacting the health wellbeing of children young people 🌍 On #World Photograph Day... 📸 Learn more about our work here ▶️ LS BHl L @Fondation Botnar are supporting a special ‘Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence’ Research Topic on “Reimagining Health Systems: leveraging AI/ML for Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)”.

find out why young people want to be involved in the decision-making around their own health care access.

@Fondation Botnar @PMNCH @Women Deliver @devex @PATHtweets Great read in @Tech Crunch on the need for transparency, public engagement and collaboration in #Urban Planning.

A new report from @Fondation Botnar @PATHtweets @PMNCH @Women Deliver @devex explores young people's health concerns & role tech can play in addressing their needs #UHC2030 #HLMUHC Wa "Meaningful engagement requires reciprocal responsibility.

It's unrealistic to expect delivery of youth-led interventions until world leaders acknowledge their role in flipping the script".

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