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The implications of this for the accepted chronologies built on radiocarbon-dating of skeletal material, and the understanding of burial practice in prehistory, are profound (Smith 2013).

A further pitfall can be seen in the less precise determinations and the resulting wide date ranges being used to construct chronologies.

Owing to the plateaux in the calibration curve (see Figure 1 below), samples with true dates on these plateaux cannot produce dates with any precision, and may return such wide ranges that the technique may not be the best approach to dating material from that time period.

Figure 1: Radiocarbon versus calendar ages for the period 9000-11000 C years BP.

This unstable isotope of Carbon then enters the food chain, and in doing so, forms part of all organic matter (Bayliss et al. Broadly speaking, anything that was once alive can therefore theoretically have measured the levels of radiocarbon it now contains.

It is also possible to obtain radiocarbon determinations from inorganic materials if the process of producing the finished state includes the incorporation of carbon; examples of where this might be possible is the application of lime mortar as carbon dioxide is absorbed by the surface when the mortar hardens (Bowman 19).

These include the upwelling of C is taken up in preference to the lighter isotopes (Walker 2005: Section 2.4.2).

Inaccuracies derived from these two sources cannot be effectively dealt with by multiple readings, as in the case of inaccuracies introduced by incorrect measurement, and so must be estimated and compensated for (Ramsey 2009).

2005), and many other examples from British Prehistory (Booth 2008).

Interpretative outcomes Parker Pearson (2013: 129-132) gave an example of a radiocarbon determination being (incorrectly) disregarded as it did not fit with the interpretation of the construction sequence of Stonehenge.

With a re-assessment of the interpretation of the context in which the sampled material was found, the dates have been attributed to their proper feature and the chronology is internally consistent.

One of the problems with the radiocarbon dating of ecofacts, or of small artefacts found within soil, is that of bioturbation.

Parker Pearson (2013: 305-307) gives the example of the huge range of dates obtained by Darvill and Wainwright in 2008 when trying to produce radiocarbon dates for Stonehenge; the date determinations indicated that the sarsen circle dated to AD 1670-1960 as a result of disturbances within the soil by both people and animals.

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