Expiration dating of nacconal 90 f

At the time of the medication expiry date, the drug must be at least 90% of the original potency under proper storage conditions.The expiration date does not indicate a point when a medication loses potency and is no longer effective or becomes harmful.It can be: Medical authorities uniformly say it is safe to take drugs past their expiration date -- no matter how "expired" the drugs presumably are.Except for possibly the rarest of exceptions, you won't get hurt and the old drug certainly won't turn into a poison.This process is not in anyway spontaneous after the expiry date.Expired drugs have not necessarily lost their potency and efficacy.

In fact, medication's potency gradually decreases starting from the moment of its manufacture.

Observing the expiration date is obligatory for the following medications: The wisdom suggests that if your life does depend on an outdated drug, and you must have 100% of the original strength, it is wise to follow the cliché "better safe than sorry".

If your life does not depend on an expired drug -- such as you have headache, common cold, or constipation -- you may take the medication and see what happens.

Physicians and pharmaceutical companies, because of legal restrictions and liability concerns, will not sanction such use and may not even comment on the safety or effectiveness of using their products beyond the date on the label.

The expiration date, required by law in the United States, beginning in 1979, indicated the date the manufacturer guarantees the full potency and safety of the drug.

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