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EVE TORRES: Well, aside from building a house and planning a wedding and all of that real-life stuff that I’ve finally gotten around to, I’ve been teaching a lot of women’s self-defense classes at the Gracie Academy. EVE: When I first started traveling with WWE [in 2007], I had just won the Diva Search and I didn’t really have any riding partners yet. I was somewhere in the Northeast and, just like we always do, I had to stop at a gas station to get some water and snacks, and fill up on gas.

So I never get my feelings hurt that they don’t call me every weekend or anything like that. Had it happened while I was there, it would have been great, but I knew the timing was right where I had to move on with my life. COM: How would “Total Divas” be different if you were on it? What we have to realize is that for every good thing that happens for one of the girls in our division, it’s elevating the entire division. You will get the most out of this experience if you are able to be happy for others and help people along the way. You’re going to be the one who’s there the longest and you’re going to be helping others do great things. Don’t focus on the competitive side of things, and, surprisingly enough, you’ll find yourself never having to worry about others “taking your spot.”WWE.

So it’s not only about educating them about how to be aware and present themselves, and how to not be a target in the first place; it’s also about instilling them with confidence based in these techniques, so they really feel like they can address the situation if they have to. I think when you understand that there’s a lot more to it than that, it’s really eye-opening for women. They have to continue to practice and they have to practice with one another. I walked in and I felt like, “Oh yeah, I’m just back at work.” I thought referee John Cone was going to tell me I have to see Talent Relations about my appearances that week or something. EVE: I’d say my Survivor Series [2011] match with Beth Phoenix was my favorite. There are so many people who are giving you influences, and most of the time, they’re trying to help.

And they have a plan to fall back on if they really have to. Everyone did so well, and the girls down at the WWE Performance Center were also very impressive. But all of them asked great questions, they did really well, and they made my job really easy. COM: What was it like to go backstage as an outsider looking in? It was great to connect and see that everybody was still doing well. But what happens is you lose yourself in all of that.

All of a sudden, I realized that there was a way for women to level the playing field. All women can do this, which I think is important for women to know: You don’t have to be a WWE Diva or an MMA fighter to be able to defend yourself. COM: Is the Gracie Academy where you met your fiancé, Rener Gracie?

EVE: Yeah, the friend who suggested I go there was dating his brother at the time. I went to the WWE Performance Center [in Orlando] and worked with the NXT Divas down there. WWE wanted me to work with the NXT Divas, talk to them about my experiences in WWE and also teach them a seminar.

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