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They begin their competition season with the Dew Tour Dec. 10-13 at Copper Mountain featuring halfpipe and, new for this season, slopestyle. I am excited to be named to the team again, and am looking forward to this next season. Snowboarding Coach It’s a great way to start off our season with a naming like this and get everyone together.

The team features a world-class roster of 26 internationally ranked snowboarders. Grand Prix, the first domestic FIS World Cup and a 5Star World Snowboard Tour event, Jan. team has been a huge support and a contributor to the success of my snowboard career over the years.

New Hampshire native Chas Guldemond moved to Lake Tahoe in 2005 to seriously pursue professional snowboarding.That race was considered the first competition for snowboards and is the start of what has now become competitive snowboarding.Ken Kampenga, John Asmussen and Jim Trim placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Standard competition with best 2 combined times of 24.71, 25.02 and 25.41 and Jake Carpenter won prize money as the sole entrant in the "open" division with a time of 26.35.Tom Sims along with an assortment of other snowboarders of the time were present.One entrant showed up on a homemade snowboard with a formica bottom that turned out to not slide so well on the snow.

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