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With Suzanne still convinced Hannah was taking drugs, Hannah lies to her mother that her recent behaviour was because Gilly had sexually assaulted her. After days of abuse from Rhys and Josh, being hounded by Suzanne, and having her condition misunderstood by Neville, Hannah feels she needs to escape.She engineers a plot to escape the country with Melissa, who is worried that being force-fed will cause her to get fat.Sarah tells Suzanne about Hannah's "drug use" and Suzanne confronts Hannah about Sarah's accusations.Hannah denies using drugs and is furious with Sarah for meddling in her life.Hannah develops bulimia and begins regularly binging and purging.Hannah becomes friends with Sarah's modelling friend, Melissa Hurst.Hannah is devastated when John Paul breaks up with her and is even more upset when she learns he has feelings for Sarah.Distraught by everything, Hannah binges on food and becomes sick.

She hides it from her family by asking for food and then hiding it in her room.

The situation comes to a head when the Ashworths have a barbecue and Melissa refuses to let Hannah eat anything, causing Rhys to kick her out.

Melissa collapses on the street and is rushed to the hospital where she is put in intensive care.

Under Melissa's influence, Hannah's bulimia turns into anorexia.

Melissa, herself an ex-bulimic turned anorexic, offers her some tips on how to starve herself and hide her disorder from others.

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