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In fact, we’re helpless against your clever publicity ploys.Ellen Page as come out has a lesbian, which is pretty awesome for her, and now of course tabloids are looking to put some scandalous edge on thole announcement. The best sext she ever sent read, "I'm trying to have a romantic moment and you keep talking about your boner." She hopes to write even better things here.Gigglingly pressed thigh-to-thigh, the roller girls spend the afternoon discussing everything from their Vegas trip to the sexiness of black socks. EP: I just got a Smart Car, and the very first night we all went out in it to see Cat Power. GO BEHIND THE SCENES OF DREW AND ELLEN'S PHOTOSHOOT MC: Ellen, you're a newbie at some of this stuff—is it more fun to do a big photo shoot like ours with Drew, who has so many more of these under her belt? I didn't really play dress up when I was a kid, and I'm really T-shirt and jeans-y.Just try to keep up: MC: Drew, after an entire life spent in the business, when did you know you wanted to take the directing plunge? That's when I turned in my first script to my godfather. I wanted to give Drew a ride, but it's so small, I was going to put her in the trunk—but there were too many paparazzi outside. Let me just divert them away from you guys, get out, and I'll take the hit and grab a cab." EP: I felt so bad. The only problem is I've been on the freeway and felt like I was going to be blown away like a Tim Hortons coffee cup, so I may have to upgrade to a Mini Cooper—something a little stronger. But I think I'm getting way better at these things.In the piece, which is seemingly filled with fake quotes, a so-called “source” is quoted as telling the gossip magazine, “Ellen immediately offered to help her find the right woman.She’s very supportive of Drew and thinks it’s wonderful that she’s exploring her options for love.” The publication’s dubious “insider” further asserts that Barrymore has already given De Generes a “wish list of some of Hollywood’s finest” women and stars. She’d be thrilled if she got dates with any one of the women,” adds the outlet’s questionable tipster.Um, wait, I’m sorry — were we talking about something?

From the looks of things, bonding appears to have continued unabated well after the movie wrapped: Barrymore, wearing safety-pin earrings and a nubby scarf that Page knitted for her ("I stitch and bitch," the alum explains), playfully holds hands throughout lunch with Page, who's sporting a tissue-thin Rolling Stones T-shirt, smudgy black eyeliner, and a jacket with the sleeves pushed up to display an enviable calculator watch. You're just standing there doing a shoot with someone you love, celebrating this thing that you shared.Ellen gushed about her picks in a fashion I could only imagine her to gush, “It’s one of those songs I’ve been playing and lying on the floor whilst melting into it.I’m a massive fan of Antony and the Johnsons and his voice with this song has just been shattering me right now in the best possible of ways.” I mean, could that be any more Ellen Page-like? The latest rumor is that she and Drew Barrymore dated? Heather is a senior at FIT majoring in Visual Presentation and Exhibit Design (try saying that five times fast...while you've got a martini in your hand). Read the full article at Your Tango and see if you think it’s legit!

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