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Hi Tim -- This has been plaguing us as well; have you made any progress? Problem: Mac clients obtain DHCP IP addresses correctly, but the DNS zone is not updated with the names of the Mac client.It's mentioned so little on these forums it makes me feel as though we have something horribly misconfigured. This makes Mac client access by name difficult/impossible.Check the command line set command for logonserver: set logonserver ....ensure this is set to a replciated DC -- or use NLTest and Net Diag for definitive tests.(But this latter is usually overkill.) After I had proven authentication then I might consider (with permission from management etc) using the Network Monitor or something similar on the DHCP server to capture all of the DHCP and registration traffic. Com (phone on web site) Hi, I'm having the same problem, Windows Clients are registering but nothing else.Possibly enter the IP address of your Windows box in the WINS server box. Are there any settings in the [global] section that need to be tweaked (master, browser? On a broader question, has anyone ever got this to work at all (Macs registering with DNS)?) [os level is where browser elections are won and lost] 3) Firewalls blocking Net BIOS? Is this a supported feature that I have to tweak to get to work, or it just not supported?First this would tell me whether the DHCP server was ever SENDING the registration (and having it fail) or just messing up before that. My DHCP and DNS settings are: DHCP Settings: - Enable DNS Dynamic Updates according to the settings below - Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records - Discard A and PTR records when lease is deleted - Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records for DHCP clients that do not request updates (for example, clients running Windows NT 4.0) - Lease duration: from 1 day to 4 days (depending what scope/vlan) DNS Settings: - Dynamic Updates: Nonsecure and secure.

Especially when you do it over a month after the last post.DHCP also, registers in the DNS servers in TCP/IP properties of the machine it is running on. Hi, We have a mixed system of Mac and PC clients here, with a Windows server box acting as DHCP and DNS server. The box is checked for "Use root hints if no forwarders are available". Forwarders are set to Open DNS (resolver 1 & resolver 2).

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