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The mastodon, typed as Mammut americanum) as found in the sediments at the base of a kettle pond; some bones were spirally fractured, multiple flakes were removed from one long bone fragment, and other bones showed cut marks.

The only other artifact from the site was a foreign osseous object, interpreted as a bone or antler point, embedded in one of the mastodon's ribs.

Artifacts from the Pre-Clovis levels include lanceolate-like preforms, discoidal cords, blades, and bladelets, as well as a variety of notches, gravers, and scrapers, which excavators suggest are ancestral to Clovis.

Guitarrero Cave is a rock shelter high in the Andes mountains (2580 meters above sea level) in the Ancash region of Peru, where human occupations date to approximately 12,100 years ago (cal BP).

If Monte Verde was the first site seriously considered as Pre-Clovis, than Meadowcroft Rockshelter is the site which should have been seriously considered.

Discovered on a tributary stream of the Ohio River in southwestern Pennsylvania, Meadowcroft dates to at least 14,500 years ago and shows a technology which is decidedly different from traditional Clovis.

Ayer Pond is a bison butchery site, discovered by workmen in 2003 on Orcas Island off the mainland US coast in Washington state.

Artifacts include about 100 stone specimens, with tools such as a microblade core, burins and burin spalls, similar to Dyuktai tradition in Siberia.

A total of 36,000 animal bones were found in the caves, mostly reindeer, moose, horse, Dall sheep, mammoth, and bison.

They have slightly concave bases​ and parallel to slightly curved side margins. Friedkin site is a redeposited site, located on a fluvial terrace close to the famous Clovis and pre-Clovis Gault site.

The site includes occupation debris beginning in the Pre-Clovis period of some 14-16,000 years ago through the Archaic period of 7600 years ago.

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Direct-dating of the bison was conducted using AMS techniques to approximately 13,700 calendar years ago (cal BP).

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