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“It's funny how life does that to you.”When the 33-year-old actor wavered about whether to join the cast of The Hills: New Beginnings, the irony was not lost on her that her younger self played a role in setting this into motion when starring on The O. In 2017, Barton — represented by attorney Lisa Bloom — also reached a legal settlement with her ex-boyfriend after she said he threatened to release intimate photos and videos of her that she didn’t know he had been taking.

In recent years, Barton said she’s fully come to terms with the impact The O. has had.“You realize there are only handfuls of shows that people take to heart and take to their living rooms and their bedrooms at night and truly care about so deeply,” Barton said.“I'm still amazed by the fans of The O. C.’s popularity are still beloved by viewers, feeding interest in The Hills’ reboot 13 years after it first aired.“It does make me happy to see that these things are such a refuge and a fun way for people to really just disconnect and go off into Marissa Cooper land or The Hills land and, you know, enjoy that drama,” Barton said.

Oh and he "hated rich kids" until he dated one…Marissa Cooper.

Image: Warner Bros Television Rachel played Marissa's friend Summer Roberts, who was only meant to be in a few episodes of the hit series.

“I feel like it is a little jarring for me because, for instance, Spencer and Heidi would be the first to admit ‘Make Speidi famous again’ is a thing, and I do shy away from that.

I don't want to attract a ton of attention.”According to Barton, on her first day of shooting for the reboot she went down to the location and as she was waiting to enter the scene, a fight erupted between other cast members.

“It sort of took me a minute to jump on board with what exactly was going on and why certain things were such triggers for people.”Following those more intense moments that Barton said “come in waves,” things do cool off and settle down.

— aka the defining teen soap opera of the early 2000s — is 15 years old.Wanting to escape the entertainment industry and the spotlight for a bit, Barton moved to a farm in upstate New York for a year.Last summer, during her time away, she was approached to join The Hills reboot and initially didn’t take the offer seriously.“I heard a bunch of different ideas about it and I was just like, it's not something that I will jump into blindly,” Barton said.But her romance with Seth Cohen saw Summer's character stay on the show until it wrapped in 2007. Mischa Barton is very aware that she’s now starring in a reality show reboot that mimics the early 2000s fictional teen drama that propelled her into stardom in the first place.“Sometimes things just feel like they’re supposed to happen,” Barton told Buzz Feed News. In fact, Barton said the meta nature of it all was one of the deciding factors in her signing the dotted line and agreeing to take part in the MTV reboot, which premiered on Monday.“The O. Barton’s journey to this full circle moment was a long one that took her on many twists and turns while dealing with intense media scrutiny and the pressure to adapt to fame at the age of 17, as well as personal struggles with addiction and mental illness.

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So as someone who’s been averse to fame and scrutiny, what made Barton want to sign up for a show that’s known for its drama and popularity?

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