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We will be back in full swing every Saturday beginning April 13th until October 12th 9am-2pm. Meridian Main Street Market (formerly Meridian Youth Farmer’s Market) is a way for local farmers, crafters, artisans and Youth to engage the community by selling their products every Saturday, start … The last Saturday of each month a Trail 27 Realtor will be showing new North/East End listings by bike. Join us every Saturday at 11 am for an approximately 1.5 hour guided walking tour through 150 years of history and architecture. At the Boise Farmers Market you will find fresh local seasonal vegetables and fruit, many types of locally raised protein, breads and pastries, honey, jams and sauces, fresh-roasted coffee, and a deli … Let us introduce you to the built environment that makes downtown Boise … Yes, the Latino Fest has outgrown the Basque Block. Bernard, who is the festival’s guest artist and education director at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis, said during “Drum Machine” she interviews a member of the audience and a suggested time period and turns it into a musical.She has been performing it since 2002 and took the show to Juneau in the mid-2000s.Crowdsourced Comedy Improvisers-Jasmine Lewis, Craig Sorensen, Brian Higgins Jessica Sproge, Maddie Bell, Trevor Kelley, and Andrew Sproge. Thursday through Sunday there will be room to improv in Juneau.A full listing of workshops is available at These include “Drum Machine,” a one-woman, historical musical by Jill Bernard; “The Well-Made Play,: an improvised two-act play featuring performers from Austin’s Hideout Theater; “Schrampflin Falls,” an effort from Seattle’s Unexpected Productions, which takes the classic play “Our Town” and spins it on its head; “Pint of Life,” during which Los Angeles-based performer Yichao shares a pint of ice cream on stage; “PUMPS,” an all-women ensemble from LA; and Je Ju, a recently married couple who use their experiences and the audience’s to explore what people care about.

The Lounge has a full bar and kitchen menu Your Stand-ups include- Eileen Dobbins, Dallas Briggs, and Jordan Harris.Landry, who is a Second City Chicago Touring Company alumnus, the founder of the San Francisco Improv Festival and a teacher at The Pack Theater in L.A., will also perform with her husband, Hans Summer, and will lead a workshop during the class.I said, ‘Why don’t we do the future Civil War, since we all know that it’s coming.’” Bernard said she is looking forward to seeing “The Well Made Play” and some of the other acts slated for Saturday that are fairly far removed from “Whose Line Is It Anyway”-style improv games. Late shows are at the Hangar Ballroom, 2 Marine Way.“I think that whole Saturday lineup is going to show people that improv can be things they wouldn’t expect,” Bernard said. Admission: An all-session pass is , single-session tickets are .

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When AS IF displays a broad enough range of shows that every audience says “I didn’t know improv could be like that! In the best shows, the audience comes away in disbelief that what they’ve seen was unscripted.” Surprise, disbelief and debate are the reactions Shaun Landry hopes to elicit with her cabaret-style show “FLa KE.” In the show, Landry uses audience suggestions to craft a “failed Broadway star’s” stories of interacting with celebrities and on-the-spot songs.

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