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That’s as simple as it is.” On whether he might race again someday: “I do miss driving the cars, and I have a feeling something will come up that will be really fun and natural to go do, and I’ll get to drive a little more.

But I’m definitely not going to sign a three-year contract to go run for a Cup championship.” Edwards said he had a couple conversations with NASCAR team owners about returning, but “none in the last year or so.” He added: “I think everyone understands I’m not really interested in coming back and doing anything too serious right now.

It became a test of trying to anticipate what something would mean it happened — and it was sort of fun to think about the possibilities.

Obviously, three-quarters of the columns were never published/posted because they were about events that did not occur.

Of course, that’s a bit misleading since Josh Wise made the top 10 that year based on the Reddit push.

But the other six drivers (Earnhardt, Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Danica Patrick and Tony Stewart) took up a combined 68 spots in the top 10 over 15 years — and that’s going to be hard to replace.

That way, my editors would have some analysis to post as a placeholder while the reporters ran out to pit road and gathered material for post-race coverage.

This was a challenge, but also something I ended up looking forward to each year.

The Caesars Palace sports book had Truex as a 250/1 underdog at the start of the year – by comparison, Danica Patrick was 150/1 – and not one person in the 100-member industry survey known as the “Century Poll” picked Truex to win.I don’t have a plan.” On why he doesn’t pay attention to NASCAR: “I’ve been so invested in it and I’ve been so close to it that I don’t think I can follow it without wanting to participate. I try not to pay too much attention, is the best way to put it.” But Edwards did say he gets asked about the races when he runs into people on the street, so he’s somewhat aware of what’s going on.So had Edwards heard about the 2019 rules package, which goes against everything he always campaigned for?But he has now missed the top 10 in three of the last four years (starting with the year he won the championship, oddly enough). It’s a tie between Jimmie Johnson and Kasey Kahne, who have both appeared every year since 2004.Perhaps it’s because he’s been more affected than anyone with old-school fans abandoning the sport (assuming his fan base early on had a large portion of Dale Sr. But while Johnson has typically been in the bottom half of the voting when the order has been revealed, Kahne is usually toward the top (and got as high as second in 2013). Seven of the 10 drivers from 2014 are no longer in the sport full time.

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