Denise richards dating richie sambora again

I can't worry about being judged; life is too short.

The first time Richie and I were photographed together, we were on his balcony, overlooking a private beach in Laguna.

I just wanted to be by myself, spend time with my girls and focus on getting my life back together.

But we started to talk and connected immediately, because we were going through very similar things.

I thought, I don't want to not be with this man because of what people might say about me.She said, "They found out about you and Richie." From that moment on, 10 cars full of paparazzi followed me around at all times.For two months, the story was on the cover of every tabloid, with headlines like "Denise Steals Heather's Husband" and "Betrayed!From what I remember, he had already photographed me and asked for another photo.I said, "If I give you a couple of pictures, will you stop shooting and allow me to focus on my scene?

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