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Yuri occasionally appears, mostly as Misa/Takada based on their rivalry over who should have Light, but sometimes a Misa/Sayu ship will appear.Canon relationships in Death Note are mostly one-sided with little reciprocity or love and there is almost no focus on them in favor of focusing on the plot instead.Other parts of the fandom, however, prefer the second half of the series for the addition of popular antagonist characters Mello and Near.

The Mello/Matt ship is the only popular ship where both participants are fully on the same side, and was almost unknown in the early days of Death Note fandom until it was popularized by doujinshi focusing on the pairing.

Scanlated English versions can often be downloaded after joining an online community that distributes scanlations.

A few doujinshi are produced in English, German, Spanish or other languages but these are rarely printed and are usually only distributed as files.

Established-relationship canon ships include: On Live Journal many communities have sprung up to focus on specific popular ships such as L/Light, Mello/Matt and L/Misa.

More Death Note shipping and shipping-related communities with a more general focus include: The earliest Death Note story to appear on was "A Cup of Tea" by Cheryl-chan on May 31, 2004, focusing on the L/Light ship.

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Ryuk, a shinigami (death god), purposefully dropped the Death Note into the human realm and follows Light around for entertainment.

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