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Even if you wind up living in a boring suburb, in a boring house with a white picket fence, every day will be a wild, crazy adventure simply because you have each other by your side.Our survey says 14 percent of women and 22 percent of men agreed that a trip somewhere would be the BEST way to celebrate Valentine's Day.This doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed. If you secretly sort of wish you were celebrating and are holding back just because your partner doesn't want to or vice versa, then you have a problem.

Or, heck, maybe you hate Valentine's Day and just want to avoid the holiday altogether.It's officially February, and if you're in a relationship (or even if you're not), you know what that means... Or, or, OR maybe you're just going to have a ~chill~ night at home, hanging out and watching movies. Have reservations at the most expensive restaurant in town? Or maybe you couldn't take a vacation, so you're settling for a fun, little at-home activity.The rest of your life with each other will be spent living life to the absolute fullest and going on the most wild, insane adventures with your partner by your side.Oh, I also bet you guys have an awesome sex that this was one of the least popular options for ways to spend the day (only 7 percent of women and 4 percent of men agree that it would be the best way to celebrate), but DON'T WORRY.

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Whatever the case, you wanted that Valentine's Day reservation, and you got it.

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