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There are preserved, distinct gravestones in the shape of massive rock slabs decorated with simple, shallow relief depictions, dating back to the 14th-16th centuries.The church was constructed in the pre-Romanesque Early Croatian style, most likely during the turn of the 10th century.

More about cultural and historical heritage that speaks of millennia of human existence on the slopes of Velebit despite harsh living conditions and scarcity of water brings „The Velebit`s story about water“.

Defensive fortifications of drystone (stone walls without mortar or other binding material) known as GRADINE (hill forts) were built in the Bronze and Iron Ages on rocky hilltops and prominent Velebit ridges.

They served as shelter for the populations of the surrounding hamlets when danger threatened, while some may have been permanent residences inhabited by powerful locals.

They were constructed in modest neoclassical style, characterized by simple, plain shapes, flanked by stone basins for laundry and watering animals.

Many households, especially those in hamlets high up the mountain, did not have their own cisterns, so they had to struggle in various ways in order to obtain the precious potable water.

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