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This work wear line included the Lee 91 and Lee 191 series jacket.

These jackets had labels denoted as Lee 101LJ (Lined and Jelt) and Lee 101J (Jelt). In that same year, Lee introduced the “Lazy S” back pocket stitching.

The purpose was to give their customers something to wear on more “dress up” occasions. Lee Westerner Jackets came in white, black, brown, blue and Khaki.

When they were manufactured can be determined by the registered trademark on the label.

In 1933, Lee launched what was to become one of its most famous designs, the Storm Rider Jacket .

It was a winter version of the “Slim” jacket Lee 101J which was launched in 1931 and it featured a blanket lining and corduroy collar. In was also in the 1940’s that the “Hair on Hide” label evolved into the “Twitch” or leather label we see on jeans today.

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