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(The new updated travel permit is now computerized enabling a male guardian to use the Internet to log on and alter a Saudi woman’s travel status).

If a sponsor should abuse the sponsored expat, shortchange him or her, delay salaries or not pay any salary at all, can the expat report the sponsor, retrieve due rights or payments without jeopardizing his or her job and status in the kingdom? The only way out of such a dilemma would be to ultimately leave the country.

While an expat cannot leave the country without the sponsor’s approval (via exit and re-entry visas), a Saudi woman cannot travel without her male guardian’s approval, now upgraded from a piece of paper to a computerized electronic version putting the power of approval or denial of a woman’s travel literally at his very fingertips.A sponsorship transfer is mandatory to continue living or working in the kingdom or else she or he must leave.And what happens to a Saudi woman in the case of the demise of her male guardian?Riyadh does have a large pool of expats though, many compounds and the embassies amongst other venues. It is possible to find someone there, but it's not a place you really go if you were planning on finding someone.You might find someone, but I have a feeling the only thing you'll find if you go out explicitly looking is the police.

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