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This lessens the load on the power tubes and makes the amp run more efficiently.

The Champ has but one 6V6 power tube and therefore a phase inverter tube is unnecessary.

The 600, model 5B1 was a very minimalistic amplifier.

It came with only one control, a volume control that went from 1 to 12 and served as an on/off switch, mounted on the amps rear along with the fuse and pilot light, along with two inputs.

In 1956, Fender changed the look of its amplifier line. The most striking was the control panel now mounted on top of the amp was chrome plated instead of painted brown. The controls were similar to the other models; just a single volume/on-off knob, a pilot light, a 2-amp fuse and two inputs.

Depending on the model year, the carrying strap underwent some changes.

The original Champion 600 sold for .95 (today’s Chinese model goes for 9.95). The Champions cabinet underwent a design change in 1953 to go along with the larger amps in the Fender line-up.

The electronics produced four watts of sound into a Jensen 6” Special Design speaker.

It is interesting to note on the new version of the Champion 600, the rectifier is solid state, the power tube is a 6V6 and the preamp is a 12AX7.

The cabinet now was the so-called wide panel tweed model or model 5C1.

This may be the most collectible amp in the Champ line.

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