Dating double standards

The role that gender plays in determining people's moral, social, political, and legal contexts has been long-debated and often controversial.

Some believe that differences in the way men and women are perceived and treated is a function of social and environmental norms, thus indicating a double standard.

I’ll be the first to admit that there are a couple of double standards that I know aren’t necessarily fair, but I’d still like to keep around.

Research has found that casual sexual activity is regarded as more acceptable for men than for women.

Different standards can be applied to situations that appear similar based on a qualifying truth or fact that, upon closer examination, renders those situations distinct (i.e. However, if similar-looking situations have been treated according to different principles and there is no truth, fact or principle that distinguishes those situations, then a double standard has been applied.

If correctly identified, a double standard is viewed negatively as it usually indicates the presence of hypocritical, biased and/or unfair attitudes leading to unjust behaviors.

That said, there are also a number of dating double standards that need to go.

It’s a wonder that so many of them even exist in the first place, but now it’s time for all of us to move into the 21st century and abandon them together. Men are players, but women are sluts I’ve heard the argument that men were created to “spread their seed” and produce as many offspring as possible, which is why they’re predisposition for promiscuity.

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  1. (Women were slightly more skeptical: just 49 percent.)There are a slew of reasons why Americans may be more accepting of eternal singlehood, or just delayed marriage, including contraception and women's increased independence as educational and economic opportunities improve.