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I quickly found that a lot of them wanted me to divorce my husband and marry them. I had found my husband and wasn’t looking for another. I didn’t know it at the time, but Robert was a natural-born dominate and he was very black.So I would only date a guy for a few weeks to a month depending. I will not go into detail on our meeting for although it is an important point in my life, it is not the point of the story I’m telling.Hubby became depressed because he was quite addicted to my performances, which by the way were mostly just “normal” sex, nothing really kinky.Hating to see hubby like that, I started dating other black men as long as they didn’t have problems with hubby watching.Seconds later, Robert had him flat on his back and out cold when he began kicking his face and groin area and calling him all sorts of names.

First off, with bondage which I really found myself enjoying and would cum so hard I would pass out from time to time.

I wrote it not to excite, but more to explain myself.

I’m married and my husband’s kink was watching black men fuck me.

Then later he would have a couple of his buddies fuck me regularly.

But it was always on Robert’s terms and timetables.

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