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Turn your internet dating nightmares into dating success!"Finally, a website about singles and internet dating that tells it like it is!Internet dating rules the roost when it comes to hookups, relationships and finding a soul mate.

She was the only one of our close acquaintances who, with her husband Trent, owned a house. Trent, me, and two other husbands of the party attendees, played tennis and went bowling during the day, then saw a killer chick action movie in the early evening.As an adult I'm 5'11" tall, 180 pounds, brown hair, green eyes, average looks and sexual equipment (at least that's my impression from sports locker rooms, though I've never "studied" it, or felt the need to), and slightly above average muscle tone.Like everyone else I have some strengths and some weaknesses.Tired of meeting losers and going one one bad date after another? Check out our online dates from hell stories that may very well be worse than yours!Most importantly, learn how to stop dating losers, improve your percentage of success on dates, and possibly find love that you deserve.

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  1. The translator is Ardian Klosi, a cosmopolitan writer, journalist, refined publisher, ecologist, one of the most interesting and loudest voices in post-totalitarian Albania. Due to the profound shock that it caused among a wide circle of friends, intellectuals, contemporaries and political militants, his suicide reminded me of that of Alex Langer.