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In order for her to do that, I would have to sign for a higher paying job schedule, about 2 hours more per day and occasionally half day on Saturdays.

Our household income isn't that high to begin with and it will be difficult to be the only provider.The Jezebel spirit is not a demon but a principality which particularly targets people of God.That is both directly in themselves, and indirectly through others. Highly intelligent and devious, this seducing spirit is adept at using all sorts of manipulative tactics, especially flattery.(1 Kings ) Some characteristics of the Jezebel spirit in its outward appearance have been likened to narcissism (or narcissistic personality disorder). Refuses to admit guilt or wrong A Jezebel spirit is never wrong, unless it is a temporary admittance of guilt to gain “favor” with someone.To accept responsibility would violate the core of insecurity and pride from which it operates.

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