Dating a psycho

She might even be staring at you while you are asleep and if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night and see her doing that, God save you! Always gets things done her way by emotionally blackmailing you Yes, emotional blackmailing is her favorite tool!You cannot disagree with her about anything at all. So, you met this wonderful girl and fell in love with all she was.You have been going out together for a while and things were really rosy in the beginning.Some of the questions are highly irrational and few of them are even utterly ridiculous.

You have been wondering many times now if you should take a step back, but you are not sure what questions you should ask and how to approach them.

If this is the case, then the girl you are dating is definitely a psycho girl and you need to get away right now! She has some absolutely unreasonable and unbelievable future plans ?

She actually photo-shopped her and her partner’s photos to make a photo album of how their kids would look like in the future! If your girl also has similar unreasonable expectations from your future together, when you’ve barely started going out a month ago, then it is time you revisited your initial plans and make things clear to her. She stalks you or bribes her friends to stalk you You bumped into her in the supermarket.

This is a serious breach of privacy, and worse things are coming your way if you aren’t getting up and taking note already. She asks a lot of mindless questions She has a question for everything that you do or you say.

There are questions day in and day out, and none of your answers to them seem to satisfy her.

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But now you gradually realize that your relationship is not going places after all.

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