Dating a ibanez ts808

Greg got one of my TS-9/808 pedals in April of 2001.He also sent me his old TS-808 to fix up, the switch was flaky.See the SILVER MOD page for more feedback from Scott from a message on my answering machine.

The TS-9/808 brings out the 'sweet' tone of the Strat without muddying things up.

Also, the midrange is voiced a little lower than my TS-9, which I think is why it sounds more transparent. Your Tube Screamer is pissing all over my poor little weak, no bass, nasally-sounding TS-9.

I'm kind of surprised that yours sounds SO much better, since mine does have the correct chip in it.

Greg wrote : I just got through playing both the original TS-808 and your new TS-9/808. The TS-808 sounds really nice, for once the switch works!

But, after plugging my stock 1957 Strat into both units and a 60's Fender Super Reverb, the TS-9/808 sounds better than the old Ibanez TS-808.

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What is the difference in sound between an TS-9 and a TS-808???

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