Dating a guy just out of a long term relationship

the time before that was tough, but as the months went on, it became easy. I've found that with a dying relationship that ended, it could be weeks.everyone is different, and if she is the one, don't worry about how long you've been out of other relationships. Usually I think of it as a month for every year of the previous relationship.He said he had fallen in love with me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Basically, I want to have a close relationship that leads to marriage and a family, and originally he seemed open to the idea of doing things differently than he did with this other woman.We tried to hold off but started becoming romantically involved while he was still splitting up and dealing with the "divorce." Some days were wonderful; others were unhappy because he was very stressed out about all the changes in his life. We are both successful professionals and having children is what I want but not a "deal-breaker" if he can't overcome his reluctance to make the sacrifices necessary to raise children.But don't flat out refuse to get caught up with another girl. We have been very quiet about it and think once the word gets out I will have to deal with the friends 2 cents.

Some of my friends thought I was rushing things, but I wasn't. But if I hadn't been ready for that breakup I would probably of not been ready near as fast.

Not rushing that but you guys have given me the re-assurance that it's all about how you feel."One thing I will say is don't not go out with someone just because you just got out of a LTR." I think that is key. After reading these replies I got a smile on my face. my rule of thumb was 1/2 the relationship length to FULLY get over the previous relationship.

i had a relationship of 4 years, dated comfortably after about 5-6 months.

Dear Meredith, I am dating a guy I met about a year ago.

We started casually chatting and found we had much in common.

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