Dating a cop

It's a balance between dependent and independent that encourages each person to achieve their goals in life while including the other person.

Eeyore factor Simply put, the person you are dating, are they positive or negative?

He helped me to get a thicker skin, while I have helped him to learn how to be more diplomatic.

Negative people are victims to life circumstances and over time will blame you for what is wrong in their life instead of seeing what they need to do to take charge of their fate.In last month's article, , we discussed the challenge of simply meeting good people to go out with, and then offered some suggestions to make meeting them easier while avoiding human landmines.This month's article is particularly for those who are dating and looking toward the future, know someone who is, or might someday be. Dating can be fun but make no mistake: If commitment is what you are looking for dating is serious business! If your relational intent is to search for a future spouse or life partner, this early dating stage of a relationship is crucial to the future of your marriage, your career and personal life, your yet unborn children, and ensuring the pension you hope to someday collect all winds up in the same bank account.

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However, I’m not afraid to give credit where credit is due.

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