Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight

Additionally, how to reference the ajax manager in master/content page scenario and trigger ajax requests from the client you can learn from the resources pointed below: Page/Default regards, Stephen the Telerik team Ok, after going through the articles that you pointed, I am still stuck at one point.I have made all suggested changes like moving hte ajax manager to the master page, creating an ajaxmanagerproxy in the content page and have added settings to the proxy.By turning off the property aren't we messing up our application? Can somebody from telerik confirm that this is an acceptable solution?If not please suggest other ways to get the ajax call to work without disbaling the viewstate property. vithiya Ok, while there was no response for my previous question, here is another one.View Model Base is nothing but the class will just notify property changes to the View through the INotify Property Changed interface.

Microsoft Chart control allows many different ways of populating data in the chart and it is important to understand the differences between them and being able to choose the best approach. I can debug the code and see that the server side code does fireup and the grid rebinds successfully. It's the grid on the screen that does not show the updated data. On the main page, I have the AJAX manager as below. But I am not sure how the links you provided are related to what I am trying to accomplish. When I debug the code, I can see it stepping through the ajax request and rebinding the grind which then has the updated data.instead of the ajax manager I am using the manager proxy in my user control this is the sample code i used to base my user control And Window/Default CS.aspx?Both View Model and Model will have the View Model Base as the base class.

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I am now trying to move the Ajax Manager control to the master page and manage ajax calls on the content page using the Ajax Manager Proxy control. In the first and the last case, it kept saying that the control did not exist in the context. vithiya Hi Vithiya, I think that the following online demo: And Window/Default CS.aspx?

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