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Kind of funny, but the Stocks app works fine on the i Phone, and it allows sorting..figure. That ancient 2006 Macworld article is worthless for the issue raised here.

And beware suggestions elsewhere to download the istock 3rd party widgit. The stock widget would accept symbols correctly on our Macs running Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) and Lion (OSX 10.7), but not on older systems (G4 desktop and laptop). In any event, thanks so much for your help...best,-john I know this thread started pretty long ago, but in case anybody still needs it, I found what I think is a simpler solution.

It downloads as a 13 meg file in text format with no extension. I really wanted to get this going - it is so convenient. I was having the same problem and finally just deleted the widget and installed another stocks widget from Fidelity, but didn't like it.

So I decided to try to find the original Yahoo Finance widget to reinstall, but instead I found an updated version at Martin Backschat’s Blog here: installed that Version 0.3.8, added my stocks (including indices and mutual funds) and everything is working fine again.

I had the same problem recently with any city on "El capitan".

After lots of debugging I observed that it has to do with the headers that the Widget Client sends when requestion weather data and the chance that the returning data requires more than two TCP/IP packager.

It's very important to work only with a backup of the original file, and to read the instructions beforehand so you know what you're doing, and to be very precise. 😀 Preparing: 1) First, bring up the dashboard and close your stock widget. It's in your Home/Library/Preferences and is called widget-com.apple.widget.stocks.plist. 7) You'll see a few of the files that make up the widget's code. It should open up in the Dashboard and show your stocks! I'm not a programmer, but I've been doing small tweaks like this on my Mac since System 7.Adding a widget to a dashboard is as simple as click and drag.However, before you can start adding widgets to dashboards, make sure you have a dashboard.Your first post may take a while to show up, as it is moderated. If you are comfortable getting your hands a little dirty, you can fix this problem yourself manually using just the Finder and Text Edit.

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