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The China Institute of City Competitiveness recently published the ranking list of China’s Most Beautiful Counties of 2014.Yangshuo, in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was the first on the list.The magnificent and beautiful Xiyan Mountain and the towering Yinna Mountain are both ideal places for people to enjoy beautiful scenery.Other sites include the terraced rice fields, forest parks, wide mountain ranges, temples that date back more than 1,000 years and crystal-clear rivers where you can see swimming fish and stones that line the riverbed.Dabu and Matesky will co-star as the would-be couple.Lili-Anne Brown directs the production, running June 2–30 with an opening night set for June 8.Ancient Chinese considered the sky round and the earth square, so many of the Hakka buildings here are round or square to represent the earth and sky.Made of rammed earth and timber with very thick walls, they were built to provide a defense against enemies, bandits and even beasts.

Covering more than 80 hectares, the terraces resemble crescent mirrors when they are irrigated with water.

This week, we will set off to Dabu to discover the beauty of Guangdong Province.

A famous Meizhou city Dabu County is administered by the city of Meizhou.

As recently reported, Jack Falahee is set to star in Byhalia, Mississippi at the Kennedy Center.

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Far away from the frenetic pace of Guangdong’s industrial cities, Dabu offers an enchanting escape to another world of lush forests, waterfalls and distinctive historical architecture.

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