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All the notification mails from the server and the mails to the accounts which doesn’t exist goes there if catch-all feature is enabled.In most cases spam mails are being sent to random email accounts under a domain and even if the email address is not present, these spam mails are most likely going to end up in these default mail accounts.Once you have completed the steps above, the changes will be implemented immediately. How to enable quotas After you verify which devices do not use quotas, perform the following steps to enable quotas for the desired devices.

cd mail Remove the files in ‘cur‘ and ‘new‘directory which contains all the read and unread mails in the default c Panel account respectively.Common reasons for quota problems- There are files owned by the same user elsewhere on the server- The backup directory is being counted towards the users disk quota- Extra log files are being counted towards the users quota- Cpanel was just updated and the quotas are now unlimited Quick Fix - an easy way to fix quota issues Step 1. Find the user account where the quotas are incorrect and login to your server in SSH as root. Go to the users folder and check their disk space being used.This will list all files owned by this user that could be affecting the quota reported by Cpanel. Uncompressed backups can cause quota problems, ensure your backups are compressed in the WHM backup options. After your determine the source of the files and remove them then run We've covered the common ways accounts report invalid disk quotas with Cpanel.To rename ‘maildirsize’ file select it and click on rename button.Disable catch-all You can disable the catch-all feature in WHM to prevent c Panel from forwarding mails to the default mail account.

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