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As a cybersalonista, Huffington is perpetually brokering connections among the A-listers she knows from Hollywood, Washington, the media and beyond.She launched the Huffington Post in 2005 as the left’s answer to the Drudge Report, introducing boldfaced names to the blogosphere.

Over the years, she’s had various incarnations—Cambridge scholar, best-selling author, socialite, Republican wife, conservative pundit, self-help guru and liberal activist.“And there aren’t many media outlets still centered around one person.She’s the engine.”In Huffington’s hyperlinked world, dinner parties, Davos summits, political roundtables—and even hikes and doctor visits—are all fodder for the Huff Po.Cofounder Kenneth Lerer, a former AOL Time Warner executive, hatched the idea while a houseguest of Huffington’s.He recalls observing her at her desk, fielding “hundreds of calls” to pitch causes and solicit advice.

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