Connecting to internet validating identity

How do you know if the person on the internet isn’t a dog? As the online world evolves, the need for verifiable and trusted identities increases.While initially a fake identity might generally be a benign occurrence on online forums, now a fake identity can result in major loss of funds or be at the core of financial crimes.Other techniques rely on two factor authentication (2FA), which uses a second channel to authenticate the identity.

Photos of driver’s licenses, passports or other primary ID documents are electronically examined to determine authenticity and legitimacy as well as ensuring a document is not forged or altered.

Depending on the type of account, expected volume and amount of transactions, location and other factors, additional identity information or procedures might be called for.

Identity validation checks if the information represents real data.

While powerful information that indicates the person possesses the ID, what happens if a fraudster has those documents?

To prevent that loophole, a live photo is compared to the photo on record for validation.

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