Choi minho and eunseo dating

In early 2016, Minho extended his popularity as an actor.

He was cast in several projects, including a historical Korean drama entitled Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which was aired on December 19, 2016 on KBS2.

In September 2017, Choi received the Special Award at the Indonesian Television Awards 2017 due to his widespread popularity in the country as well as for his performances in various dramas.

But still, something that happened between those two was precious and worth your attention.

The two of them starred in the same drama called Although they became a couple while filming the drama, Choi Jin-hyuk’s character was meant to be with actress Jin Se-yeon’s character, the female lead.

His debut movie project titled Canola, alongside Youn Yuh-jung and Kim Go-eun and directed by Yoon Hong-seung (pseudonym Director Changwhich), was filmed in 2015 and was released on the big screen in May 2016.

The second one is a supporting role in a film entitled The Princess and the Matchmaker, to be led by Lee Seung-gi and Shim Eun-kyung.

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It pained me to see my son asking me to stay over for the night.".

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