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She was sort of this perfect wife and mother, and she created this idyllic life for herself, but there was always something missing.” Now what is filling that void is her life of crime, as well as her partnership with Rio.

“All she wants is for her husband to say, ‘You’re good at doing something other than making lunches and taking care of the kids’ and he can’t do it,” Bans says.

In the Pleasant Stay hotel case, a Special Court judgement given by Justice V.

Radhakrishnan convicted Jayalalithaa and sentenced her to one year of "rigorous imprisonment". These included Nedu alias Nedunchezhiyan, then secretary of Dharmapuri town unit, Madhu alias Ravindran, MGR forum functionary, and P Muniappan, a former panchayat president. Jayalalithaa was sentenced to one-year imprisonment in the Kodaikanal Pleasant Stay hotel case by a Special Court.

“We definitely push them much further in Season 2, in terms of what they’re willing to do.” Adds executive producer Bill Krebs: “If Season 1 was ‘How do we get out of this? Season 2 is more like, ‘Now that we’re stuck in it, how do we deal with it?

’ What are the ramifications on family, what does it mean to [them], and do [they] want to get out of it still or stay in it, and wrestling with that?

and keep the comedy alive” through whatever else may come.

But “then Christina and Manny’s chemistry just as actors exploded off the screen for us and we got all this fan feedback of ‘When are they going to do it already!? In this super twisted way he fulfills her just by going, ‘You’re good at this.'” Beth’s relationships are being challenged, especially now that her husband Dean (Matthew Lillard) is in on the secret of her new life, which forces the unhappily married duo to become “brutally honest with each other” in all facets of their marriage, including “how they feel about each other now and what does that mean for them? But she is far from alone in such tension, as Stan (Reno Wilson) learned about his wife’s involvement in the grocery store robbery at the end of the first season. Meanwhile, Annie and Gregg (Zach Gilford) are rekindling their feelings for each other, which complicates things for their child.

The producers didn’t want to make every episode about the women trying to balance their life of crime with their family lives, though.

The relationship between Beth and Rio was not one Bans says she saw coming when she was first writing the show, but watching Hendricks and Montana perform together in scenes allowed it to organically deepen and evolve over time.

“In the back of my head I was like, ‘Oh it would be fun if one of them slept with him at one point.’ And when I was shooting the pilot, I thought it would be Annie because it wouldn’t cause so much conflict,” Bans shares. And it’s something you never thought this man would do, but we take him on this journey of almost disillusionment with the justice system,” Bans says.

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The protests in Elakiyampatti in Dharmapuri were led by AIADMK Dharmapuri union secretary D. On the same day, AIADMK protestors set fire to the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University bus. Gayathri from Virudhachalam, and Kokilavani from Namakkal were burned to death, while 16 others were injured.

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