Checksum mismatch while updating jenkins

: Subversion 1.7 implements a new working copy approach which centralises the meta data, and it now has a single directory at the root of your working copy.Your best bet is a cleanup, failing that a fresh checkout into another directory and export or file copy the corrupted working copy except for the directory, over to the fresh checkout, and commit any local changes. First, check-in everything that can safely be checked in, and make sure to backup everything.To fix the problem, I navigated to .svn\text-base dir of problem file's directory and found out that there's a copy of the file i was trying to check in changes for.I opened that file in Notepad and replaced it's content with content of the file to be commited and i was able to commit afterwards.FWIW, I get this sometimes with our library references where Visual Studio seems to keep a lock on some files (even though it's not compiling) and won't let me update them.

In other cases when the data in a Zip file is damaged, it may not be possible to fix the Zip file and you will not be able to extract all of the files correctly, if at all.

Something has gotten out of sync or has become corrupt, and because it's in your BASE directory, unless you are confident tinkering with this, you're probably better off deleting the parent of the directory and then perform an update.

Of course, take a backup or see if an export works before doing this, so you don't lose any changes.

In data warehouse there are situation where we need to update, delete etc transactions.

In hive later versions UPDATE was not supported,but there were workarounds to do update a transaction – true hive.enforce.bucketing – true dynamic.– nonstrict manager –org.apache.ql.lockmgr.

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Then fix the offending file - usually this involves deleting it from your repository.

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