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Mama’s boys themselves, a Cancer man usually has a very close relationship with his mother and will want to take care of her at home in her elder years, rather than letting her go live in a nursing home.It’s not very common knowledge, but the intense work ethic of a Cancerian man is quite a powerful force.If not, you may encounter a barnacle-encrusted relic of former glory days who fears progress and change.Beware when you hear a Cancer constantly bemoaning the loss of “how it used to be.” As long as this crustacean is willing to scuttle toward the future, you’ll get to see him come into his own power – trusting in his gifts of sensitivity and giving kindness. He’s a total dream come true for someone who loves to receive affection.Deeply sensitive and easily wounded, your Cancer may not give you another chance to do him wrong once you’ve hurt him.

Bringing home the bacon is taken very seriously for this sign, and their role as breadwinner sometimes forces them into overwork.

The Cancer dad is characterized by warm, loving traits.

He’s always ready to cuddle and comfort his progeny.

The Cancer man’s personality is full of contradictions.

He is soft, loving, considerate, and nurturing to those he cares deeply for – but always remember that those born under the sign of the Crab have a hard shell to protect their vulnerable underbelly, and pincers to protect themselves when they feel attacked.

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He can come off as the ultimate Prince Charming, making extravagant professions of adoration and writing flowery love letters to court you.

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