Bristol palin dancing with the stars dating rumor

‘Cause it’s not fun having to fight with Dakota and to fight with Levi and it’s all over the petty stuff that’s not going to matter five months from now.” Palin shares daughters Sailor Grace, 2, and Atlee Bay, 1, with Meyer, 30.Their divorce was finalized over the summer as well. Three years after a pleading guilty to a couple of DUIs, Lohan should be showing everyone how well she has grown out of her Hollywood indiscretions.Here's how it should have gone: The 24-year old Lohan, coming off a guest appearance on “Glee,” gearing up for yet another award season, cheered for balancing her charity work fighting the global sex trade, her adopted children and her career, garnering another set of nominations for another set of highly praised performances.A few short years ago, that’s the scenario most would have predicted.Instead, the universe has, as the universe does so often these days, turned everything upside down.Reviving memories from Dirty Dancing and even breaking down in tears when remembering her co-star Patrick Swayze, who died of cancer last year, seemed to strike a chord with fans.

Palin and partner Mark Ballas performed a tango and cha cha cha, and the judges praised her for her consistent improvement, telling her that viewers were keeping her in the show because she’s “the girl next door.” Palin seemed also to benefit from her mother’s loyal supporters, who wanted to get a jump on voting for a Palin and faithfully and passionately voted for the single mom.Money could solve all of Bristol Palin’s problems with Levi Johnston and Dakota Meyer.The “Teen Mom” star admitted in a new clip obtained by Page Six that she’s still having money issues with Johnston — and her situation with Meyer isn’t any better.Meanwhile, Johnston was in the midst of a lawsuit with his custody battle lawyer, who claimed that he owed him ,892.50 for his services. But it appears Palin isn’t struggling financially like her ex, as she is reportedly making 0,000 to appear on the MTV show. Despite the judges praising Sarah Palin's daughter for her consistent improvement, she lost Dancing With the Stars' mirrorball trophy to Jennifer Grey.

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After the show, Sarah Palin tweeted her congratulations to Grey and the rest of the cast, “Congrats Jen, Kyle, Bristol,et al, for proving competition is GOOD!

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