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We get the impression then of interlocking dramatic threads which are dropped and then resumed, and the varying emotional levels of music quick- en or slow the pace.After taking time for dialogue, for instance, the drama again continues to unfold with the ouickening movement of rolling harp chords as the girl lies asleep in her bed.ALEXANDER Libraries WILLIAM HAMILTON New York City LILLA BELLE PITTS Columbia University ROGER BOWMAN Television JOHN HUNTLEY London, England CONSTANCE PURDY Motion Picture Artist HELEN C. Test broadcasts have hundred miles from Iowa to Virginia, WNBC, WNBT Stations 7/NBC and WNBT have planned a mutual promotion cam- and the paign with the Organization of the Motion Picture Industry MOVIES of the city of New York. Schwartz, head of the lat- ter association, states that this agreement should prove that radio, television and the movies can benefit each other by working to- gether, The plans include radio announcements of current pictures, programs on various aspects of the film industry, and the cooperation of the theatres in thirty theatre chains in the projects of the newly united groups. FILM MUSIC NEWS FILM MUSIC, publication of the NATIONAL FILM MUSIC COUNCIL, has moved its headquarters from Old Greenvdch, Conn, to 26 East 83rd Street, New York City, The change in address has delayed this is sub bf th S h Ag'a Z'lttd fid WSldfel'a Siy, — for which we apologize.This is background music in its truest sense; coloring, highlighting, and intensifying what is on the screen, and not duplicating it.It is the small flurries of excitement which are more interesting to the reviewer, for these -are more difficult to Handle.Absent are the overdrawn sequences of lush sentimentality which have come to be associated with some film music - cloying music which tries to outdo the film rather than supplement it.Instead, Steiner keeps his music on a subdued level throughout much of the film, and, with a sure sense of dramatic movement, rises swiftly to a brief climax at the crucial point of a particular sequence.

A symphony concert at the "Kunsthaus" with Robert Casadesus as soloist and Herbert von Karajan as conductor, was considered the musical high spot of the whole tour. SALUTE TO Salute to Italian Films Week was observed in New York during ITALIAN FILMS the week of October 6th.

Steiner has a way of getting behind the action on the screen with a well chosen burst of sound which calls no attention to itself, falls as quickly as it rises, yet effects an intensity where none otherwise would exist.

The film it- self is powerless to produce much excitement in a scene where children play with a ram, yet the music makes it a small event.

When one listens to the music, it seems scarcely appropriate, yet when one forgets the music and looks at the soreen, there is no doubt of its effectiveness.

Whether it would have been even more effective had he, in keeping with the rest of the score, employed a diatonic style, is another Question, which someday I should like to see answered.

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These are mostly crowd scenes, and are not handled by the director with the realistic detail seen in some European films.

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