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NPR: Classical Music and About: Classical Music are two blogs found through Bloglines that I didn't know about before. Some blogs that I expected make the list, such as A Singer's Life and Violin Diaries, didn't have enough subscriptions to make it into the top 50.That led me to ask if there was a way possible to rank blogs based on actual readership.

Since disabling them, I have noticed a speedup of the site's responsiveness.I then did a search for all of the top classical music blogs I know, as well as an internal search on Bloglines to see if I could find any new ones, which I did. I have counted all the available feed stats for individual blogs, which may include .rss, .rss2, alt.rss, posts/default, and feeds, in which case I have listed the numbers for all the feeds of an individual site and then added them together. (Update 4/4/2019: an update on the state of classical music blogs in 2019 and who from this original list is still publishing) Much has been said about Scott Spiegelberg's list of the top classical music blogs on Musical Perceptions (see #11 below). That list is based on Technorati ranking, which is based on inbound links from other blogs.

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