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;)sorry iaf I changed my post..far as my original post...i was considering that being jewish has nothing to do with being born in israel..everyone born there is jewish, in other words it is their nation though. I regret that people are still so pathetic as to give you negative reactions strictly on the basis of your religion. All they/you as a religious group have accomplished after all the crap they/you have been through? Converts are included in your definitions of Jewish. The following is the definition of 'ethnic' from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: Main Entry: 1ethnic Pronunciation: 'eth-nik Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin ethnicus, from Greek ethnikos national, gentile, from ethnos nation, people; akin to Greek Ethos custom -- more at SIB 1 : HEATHEN 2 a : of or relating to large groups of people classed according to common racial, national, tribal, religious, linguistic, or cultural origin or background All of the highlighted examples (except religion) are set. The second you no longer believe it; you are, in essence, no longer part of it. Not an ethnicity.' But it is an ethnicity that anyone should be able to become or abandon whenever they choose. Read your links and find you're partially wrong too. It might be because many of them moved around a lot and keep a lot of their own culture while doing so and the fact throughout history they didn't have a country like other groups did that the ethnic group came to be associated like it has. So I was techically wrong to earlier type: 'Religion is a choice. Maybe there should be some clarification by the person who started this thread. Now back to your regularly scheduled porn.:)Cherie's GREAT OH AND To clear up confusion - I was talking about converts and seculars and orthodox and tradition and reform and atheists who were born jewish and ... historically persecuted in every country we've been to(thats right, Germany was only the LAST country to kick us out violently)...a belief that we're the chosen people... Now if you wanna believe that someone isnt what their "blood" is.. Some are white and others black hence their ethnicities are different but their religion is the same.

I personally would not consider Shy Love, considering that she is accually Puerto Rican and not born Jewish,nor would I consider any converts. I am not faulting the originator of this thread, but: I hope I live to see the day when one's religious background is completely irrelavent. Amen Mc R (no pun intended) That's why I guess I saw it as a request for Jewish stars, not unlike asking for Italian or Asian. I took it as wanting names of those born Jewish, having nothing to do with if they are practicing Judaism. It too talks of those that have converted, yet you say you won't count them. That's all I was trying to point out,that not only is it a religion but an ethnicity as well. She also stated that she is married and would like to have children in the near future." From Wikipedia - Demi Marx Lindsay Lane am I missing :dunno: Why break your head so much dude?I'm totally guessing,but I think that this girl Mia Beck is Jewish She might have retired because I ain't seen shit from her in a long time and there isn't that much stuff of her out there. Amen Mc R (no pun intended) That's why I guess I saw it as a request for Jewish stars, not unlike asking for Italian or Asian. Here is an example;the Jews that were in Poland before and during WWII were not Jewish only because of their religious beliefs. ::puts on my deliverance voice:: "I hates me some ni****s! Simply visit b OObipedia Jewish categoty Jewish Here's the list A * Adele Wiesenthal * Alanna Ackerman * Alexia Schore * Alexis Silver * Alina Gross * Andrea Parducci * Annie Sprinkle * Arlene Bell B * Bar Refaeli * Barbi Benton * Bette Midler * Britney Stevens * Brooke Burke * Busty Belle * Busty Brown C * Cathy Green * Chesty Morgan * Cindy Margolis * Clyda Rosen D * Daphne Rosen * Debbie Hooper * Deborah Kahn * Diane Chandler * Dinah Manoff * Dyan Cannon E * Eden Mor * Ellen Michaels * Erika Lockett F * Francine Gottfried * Francoise Pascal G * Gillian Pearl * Gloria Leonard H * Harriet Geller I * Irma Margolin J * Jackie Parker * Jacquiline Miller * Jacquiline Simmons-Jude * Jaime Hammer * Jamie Lee Curtis J cont.Judaism is a religion, not a nationality so I don't see how it conflicts with having been born Puerto Rican. And those who were born in Poland were only considered Polish by nationality and Jewish by ethnicity(hence the term Polish Jews). * Jan Levinson * Janet Lupo * Jasmine Frankel * Jeanna Fine * Jennifer Connelly * Jill St.I care not what the Jewish religion states - no one is born any religion - including Jewish. One can be ethnically Jewish and be a practicing Catholic, just as one can be ethnically French and be a practicing Catholic, or African-American and be a practicing Jew (Sammy Davis Jr.). Judaism is the religion most often practiced by Jews. I'm sure the term has it's origin in the religion Judaism that most of them adhere to in the past and now. It really gives me the creeps when people say there is for it was this Jewish blood (no offense) nonsense that the Nazis and others throughout the ages used to persecute the Jews. "White" and "black" are categories of race, not ethnicity. After divorcing her husband in early 1994, she lived in South Lake Tahoe and regularly commuted to Reno to strip.Try as hard as I might, I cannot change my spots, so I, for example, could never be Jewish, but I could practice Judaism. I think the idea of the thread is to see links to models who fit the ethnic description of Jewish (large as that may be! One can be ethnically Jewish and be a practicing Catholic, just as one can be ethnically French and be a practicing Catholic, or African-American and be a practicing Jew (Sammy Davis Jr.). It might seem strange at first because ethnically most groups of people are identified more with the area they came from and not the religion they practiced. The Jewish people is a multi-racial ethnic group that encompasses both believers in Judaism as well as agnostics, atheists and secular humanists who are descended from same. A photo of her made its way to Mark Carriere at the adult film company Leisure Time Productions; he invited her back to Southern California and they began dating regularly.

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