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A subset of this series was reserved solely for those who had enlisted from recruiting stations outside of the 48 contiguous states of the United States.

The first number after the "ten" would indicate the geographical region from which a person had enlisted with the remaining numbers an identification number for the soldier.

That same year, the Army opened up the service number rolls to officers and issued the first officer number to John J. Pershing held officer service number 1 with the prefix O, making his service number O-1.

The second number was determined by what group of states a person was recruited from, the next six were an identifying number for the service member; thus, for each geographical area there was an available range of 999,999 service numbers.

Enlisted personnel who were World War I veterans continued to hold their pre-6 million series service numbers. To that end, conscription had been introduced and the Army of the United States was activated as an augmentation force to serve in the coming war.

Due to the vast numbers of personnel entering the Army ranks, a major expansion to the service number system was required.

In the nineteenth century, the Army also used pay records as a primary means of identifying service members after discharge.

Service numbers (SNs) were first created in 1918 as a result of the United States Army becoming involved in World War I and the need for a record tracking system capable of indexing the millions of soldiers who were joining the ranks of the National Army.

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