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wiio by their valor would inscribe tijeir name* on tho scroll of fame side by side with Paul Jones and Preble, and Perry and Bainbridge, and Decatur and lawrence, and Hull and June . “Act well your part, there all the honor "lies.” Young gentlemen, in I bidding you adieu, I leave with you my w arm- J est wishes for your success, one and all. *’» I address there followed a «cene such as ha» never bean witnessed at that institution, nor probably excelled in dramatic interest in any commencement exercises. cadets had listened with great interest an I applauded to the echo the address of Mr.

if the opportunity offered I havo not a j doubt that there are young men 1»-fore me ! But whether the op- I Gnu portunlty come or not, you can do your duty to your country.

No Pm cfs fox Mailing.—Single copy, three cerite; one week. EXÎTRMu N PARTI Fits TKA VELURE ANI) OTHERS IO OU R I.

thtr Ufw centi; two week», tlcenty-flvf ct*.; three weeks. S’ LADIES* HAND MADE BUTTON BOOTS A ELS’ LADIES’ HAN D M A DE BLITON BODIS, AT «5 AO, at *;t so, Are Superior to All Wists.

His biographer, tneing a nautical expression, Bay» of him that ho conia go to sea in any weather.

It is passing behind the old men, and the brightest of it* autumn evening is fading about their feet. It is the rising, not the setting sun that receives their admiration. The young amu is always the4ioi “ men are cautious and conservative; young men are Field and aggressive. PETER KRIES, 168 Wert Fayette street, le T-lmft Wit between Howard Md Eutaw st». IN ORDER TO ACCOMMODATE THOSE WHO WISH TO AVOID SHOPPING IN THE HEAT OE THE DAY WE SHALL HAVE IN ATTENDANCE A SPECIAL FORCE OK '•ALR*? A FEW FINE CHOICE PARASOLS, PARASOLS, SAMPLES OF A LEADING MAKER, AT 94 90 I SOME COST 49 OO. "Whit,” said the prophet, "mean tho lowing of the herds and the bleating of the sheep? When the prophet came after the battle Saul reported that he had executed his orders and won a creat victory. I HJS vt KKKLT SUN.—One dollar a year, po prep,ani, with inducement? The ors', chonpy«t journal published, and of universal circ non. THE EIGHTH ANNUAL SESSION BEGINS SEPTEMBER IN, INNS. A Course ta which Mathematic» and Phya- Jes predominate. Maned to city subscriber* for one dollar a y postage he Pest aud circula-ear. In addition to the University Course», seven distincter)', eg* Courses are definitely arranged,namely: I.

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