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“We want to do the correct thing for Cy,” he says, brushing his still thick hair from his face, a face that Arthur Danto, the art critic for The Nation, once likened to that of “a Caravaggio youth who had taken good care of himself.” “We feel a moral responsibility to do the right thing.”A view of the Tyrrhenian Sea from the terraced garden surrounding the home of Nicola Del Roscio in Gaeta, Italy; in the dining room, a Twombly copy of a Picasso, done on top of one of his own works, above a Gothic chair found at a flea market in New York City.Del Roscio was a 20-year-old university student in Rome restoring and selling old apartments on the side when he met Twombly, or at least first glimpsed him, in 1964.Twombly, who famously split his time between Italy and his native Lexington, Va., stayed in a local hotel and later in his own nearby home and studio during the several months each year he was in Gaeta, looking out at the Tyrrhenian Sea and painting some of the most important canvases of the 20th century, including the “Four Seasons” series.Aided by the important art world figures invited to visit over the decades, he helped put the frayed fishing village on the cultural map.Rob Mc Millen, co-founder of Mildred New York, and former head barber at Blind Barber, is a second generation barber from Youngstown, Ohio.His classic cutting approach and a life dedicated to grooming has earned him a loyal following.

“Cy’s and Nicola’s personalities were so similar, so close, they almost became the same person,” says the art dealer Larry Gagosian, who began representing Twombly in the ’90s, and who still sails his yacht to Gaeta yearly to see Del Roscio.The foundation’s headquarters, in a refurbished Beaux Arts mansion on East 82nd Street in Manhattan, will open in the fall.But even in Gaeta, Del Roscio oversees four assistants in a small office on the property as they digitize images of the artist’s work.“Sometimes he couldn’t do very practical things or he didn’t want to.”Although Twombly had lived in Italy since the late 1950s (in addition to his apartment in Rome, he had a 17th-century villa in Bassano in Teverina, north of Rome), it was Del Roscio who brought him into the world of Gaeta, which influenced so much of his later work.The painter regaled visitors with tales of how Hadrian had owned a villa in the town, how Catullus had pals there and how Cicero was buried nearby.

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